Welcome to RAMADASA International Program for Human Excellence

“The intention of RAMADASA is to serve humanity by planting a seed for the awakened human. We create places where the teachings of Yogi Bhajan take root and create a legacy of human consciousness that will last for generations to come. We recognise the inherent human goodness and wisdom of each human being. To live a fulfilled life we need to discover our potential, who we really are. Our programs explore our inner resources so that we may engage courageously with a complex and challenging world. Then each one of us may help transform that world through skill and compassion and attain deeper levels of happiness and meaning”.      — Sunder S Khalsa, Chairman RAMADASA Co., Ltd.


Ramadasa was established in China as an outreach and training institution for the development of human excellence. We design and use scientific and meditative techniques and exercises that use contemplation, relaxation, patterned breathing and Kundalini yoga. Our focus is on supporting people to achieve their human excellence.





RA – sun

MA – moon

DA – earth

SA – formless essence, infinite

Within the polarity of Sun&Moon (Yin Yang) our actions on the Earth are elevated and infused with the Essence of the formless infinite.


Letter to Ramadasa Community

Sat Nam

We would like to invite you to be a part of the shared vision of Ramadasa. Only together can we actualize Ramadasa’s vision to bring out the best in our common humanity. We want to build Ramadasa together with you into a community. A living community that awakens the best in our spirit and nurtures us to live from our true heart with meaning and purpose. We do this by sharing the technology of Kundalini Yoga and by supporting the awareness and maturity of the human potential which lives in all of us.

The essence and heart of Ramadasa is Seva. To us the meaning and spirit of Seva is love in action. It is the deep love to be of service to the people of this land. We believe the teachings of KY will be helpful in the daily life of the Chinese people. We feel this as a deep commitment and trust. We believe that by working together and serving together we can achieve something beautiful and extraordinary for the benefit of all.

Ramadasa started with a simple intention. To help as many people live happier and healthier lives as possible. Ramadasa is eleven years old now, we are a developing community, a way of living, a way of being, sharing a technology and consciousness that touched thousands of people to live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives. With your energy, together we can achieve much more. Why not join together to achieve something extraordinary, maybe something much larger than we can imagine.

Our community includes teachers and trainers of Kundalini Yoga, students, friends, organizers, management, advisors and many other supporters. We hold the vision of Ramadasa as sacred.



Belonging; personal investment of the self to something greater than the self.

To embody inclusiveness, clarity of the vision of Ramadasa and the actions to express that vision.

Appreciation; to recognize each other to be of value.

Practice conscious communication and encourage the creativity of the community to emerge.

Compensation; to have an energetic balance in all levels.

The way we authentically relate, communicate, recognize and appreciate each other is vital to our mission.   Together we are a family,  acting in the consciousness of the best of the human spirit.  Our relationships are based on the principal of respect and recognizing the dignity of each person



Ramadasa would like to create a sense of belonging, involvement and appreciation for all people, (students, teachers, friends), who introduce three or more people to any one course, or series of courses.   We honor those who want to share the experience of the teachings and serve others.

Anyone who brings in three new students to attend a Ramadasa course or series of courses within six months, will receive a gift certificate of 8888 RMB. The certificate can be used for any Ramadasa course for any person or persons. The certificate will have a life span of one year. This will apply to all courses through Ramadasa (KRI courses, and all courses with all teachers that represent Ramadasa).

The Friend of Ramadasa could use the certificate personally or could give it to someone who would benefit from the course (friend or family member), or someone that doesn’t have the personal resource to be able to attend.  It could be their way to serve and share the teachings.  The gift is Ramadasa’s way of showing our appreciation in honouring those who bring people to us.


Ramadasa welcomes the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations to support our mission.   Donations can support altruistic projects that are initiated to benefit the wider community.  Donations can be allocated to a specific project or product.   In some cases, the project could carry the donors name as recognition of their support.  Current projects include:

–        Translation of KY books and other materials to support the spreading of the teachings.

–        Love Heart Seva Organization, building community based on Seva:  Love in Action.

–        Research and development of new products for specific markets.

–        Ramadasa Women Foundation project

–        Ramadasa Training Centre project.


Yogi Bhajan gave us two tools to guide us to live our life, Dharma and Sangat.

Dharma is to live the path of Consciousness. Sangat is a community where love is experienced.  Together it creates a family/community of developing consciousness.

Ramadasa is a way of living in which each person is supported by the Ramadasa community to grow, and each person contributes to the living growth of Ramadasa. In essence, it is living love and expressing our true heart. Won’t you join us.

All are welcome. Please contact Shuniya Kaur – Ramadasa Community Director: shuniya@ramadasa.org.


Many blessings

Sunder Khalsa and Suraj Khalsa