It’s not about yoga, although we practice yoga
It’s not about meditation even though we meditate
It may look like it’s about us, but it’s all about you
Pure and simple

The goal is to lead a good life
To walk a better path
To live happy, healthy and holy
Pure and simple

It’s about human excellence
To be the best you can be
To let your light shine
Pure and simple

It’s falling in love with spirit & self
Finding the essence in yourself
And about seeing the divine in everyone
Pure and simple

It’s about practical tools on how to live
Being more heart led
And having less heart ache
Pure and simple

It’s about being less self-focused
more connected
creating common unity
Pure and simple

It’s about seeing and acknowledging
how divinely beautiful life is
Pure and simple

You can make a difference
Don’t wait
…. Millions of people are waiting.