Regional Trainers

Saramdeep Kaur朱恺琳 is a senior Yoga teacher with more than ten years of experience. In 2008 she started to know Kundalini Yoga and studied related courses systematically. Saramdeep has not only lifted up herself spiritually, but also combined the studying with her teaching experience. She helps students to gain health and consciousness with rigorous, practical and humorous teaching style. Saramdeep is KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer, Conscious Pregnancy teacher trainer and Bring Kundalini to Therapy yoga teacher.

Sangeeta Kaur 吴海霞 started to practice Kundalini yoga in 2008, and joined KRI teacher training in 2009. She is a certified Conscious Pregnancy teacher, Child Yoga teacher, Bring Kundalini to Therapy yoga teacher. Sangeeta Kaur is one of RAMADASA team, which is established by Sunder Singh & Suraj Kaur and their international teacher trainer team. Sangeeta Kaur has dedicated herself to serve the mission of spreading Kundalini Yoga. She loves to use simple and powerful Kundalini Yoga technologies to help people experience the truth of life and inspire them to seek the wisdom of life and love. She teaches Kundalini Yoga with the natural flow of grace and beauty!

Sunia Kaur李海燕 graduated from Shandong University of Chinese Medicine and was associate chief physician of paediatrics and obstetrics with 16 years of clinical experiences. About ten years ago the longing for the truth brought her to a different path. Sunia has been practiced Kundalini Yoga for years and lives with the teachings in daily life. She is an experienced healer, and has worked successfully with people and offered transformative deep healing and individual counselling. From a physician to a healer, her strength comes from inner compassion. Sunia is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, Conscious Pregnancy teacher trainer, Sat Nam Rasayan Therapist and Bring Kundalini to Therapy yoga teacher.

Kirn Kaur邹雪芹has more than 10 years experience in teaching Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga. She made a commitment to yoga practice after taking a psychology course in Canada Haven Institute in 2006, and started teaching Kundalini Yoga after completing teacher training in India in 2009. She has been exploring the meaning of life, has her own insight towards physical practice, focuses on at home practice complying with Yogi Bhajan’s teachings, and shares Kundalini Yoga with real experience. In 2012, with Sunder Singh and Suraj Kaur’s guidance, she joined China Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training team to serve more people with humility, surrender and commitment. She is KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer, Conscious Pregnancy yoga teacher and Child Yoga teacher.

Shuniya Kaur 洪源 is KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, Conscious Pregnancy yoga teacher and Bring Kundalini to Therapy yoga teacher. “Shuniya”means “zero”, when you become zero, you will have all of power. Shuniya is dedicated to explore and use simple, fast and effective methods to help group healing and deep transformation. Since 2007, in the process of self healing, she studied dozens of healing methods and systems and got certification. Shuniya started to know Kundalini yoga in 2009, and completed Kundalini Yoga teacher training in 2013. “To serve every soul come into my life with dedicated heart” is Shuniya’s oath.

Bahadur Jeet Singh 苑海涛 majored in human anatomy and biomechanics in university. Then he learned U.S. personal trainer courses as well as the physical fitness courses. He won the Qingdao health champion in 2006. Bahadur Jeet first exposed to yoga in 2004. After an injury, yoga helped him quickly recovered. Since then, he began his yoga journey of learning and teaching. In 2005-2006, he learned and practiced Iyengar yoga; in 2008, he studied Power yoga; in 2010, he attended China-India Yoga Summit and learned with B.K.S. Iyengar . In 2011-2012, he studied and certified as Kundalini Yoga teacher. In 2013, he studied Bring Kundalini to Therapy and got certification. In 2014, he joined Kundalini Yoga teacher training team. Bahadur Jeet believes each type of Yoga gave him different experience, and each type of yoga has its unique charm. More importantly Yoga makes his life full of colors.