Exalted Woman – Live in Grace


“As women we have two arclines.   They are like golden rays that connect our third eye and our heart.    They radiate the wisdom of our own being with the power of all of life.  Then every action arises within us from the infinite intelligence, in the moment of its perfection.”     —Suraj K Khalsa, CEO RAMADASA Co., Ltd.

Every woman wants to be loved.  We suffer in our search for love. Yet Love is a state within our own heart. We are afraid of the power within our own heart.  This power is the living essence of the woman.  It is the doorway to our inner strength, to our wisdom, our happiness and the world’s happiness.  It holds the rhythm and the flow of all of life.

Our retreat is to experience our divine nature. As a woman, you are divine.   You are the Grace of God.   When we accept our essential nature, and live from our divine being, everyone around us experiences their divine through us.

The secrets lie within us. There are keys to the sacred essence of the self within the one self.

We will access the five feminine energies of the Adi Shakti:

Chitta Shakti     I AM – pure consciousness, uncreated, unmanifest power.

Ananda Shakti   I AM BLISS  – pure bliss, knowing that bliss is my natural, essential  state

Prakirti Shakti   I INTEND – pure intention inspired by infinity – flow and touch of self expression in the world

Shuniya Shakti   I KNOW – pure knowing, beyond mind, instinct and intuition naturally unfold

Kriya Shakti    I ACT – pure action, action rooted in awareness and creativity

The Kundalini is a woman, a feminine, creative power beyond anything – the Adi Shakti.