Golden Body

Course Introduction

The Golden Body©® Course and the Maha Ridhi©® Course are the Yin and Yang of one complete inner path for prosperity and fulfillment that we call “Dragon Rising”. Together they reveal and take you through the techniques of meditation and Kundalini that awaken and train your awareness to serve your soul and complete your destiny.

“The Golden Body” is a course that expands your radiance, increases your intuition, and establishes clarity so each choice you make and each personal projection you create maximizes your prosperity, success and fulfillment. The course teaches you the eight facets of inner stillness and how to strengthen, perfect and use each for prosperity.

This is the first time this inner technology has been systematized and shared with participants without initiations, secrecy or requirements other than personal practice. Participation in this workshop is open to all who wish to benefit from it; it is for everyday use and benefit; you do not need to be a teacher of yoga or belong to any particular tradition. You need only belong to your own heart and spirit. Gurucharan Khalsa and Sunder Khalsa are offering this for the first time in the world.



Gurucharan Singh Khalsa / Sunder Singh Khalsa


Time and Location

Oct 31 – Nov 3, 2015, Shanghai