Maha Ridhi Siddhi

Course Introduction

The Trinity of Prosperity
Prosperity is the state of fulfilment, it is a given potential of the soul.

Yogi Bhajan : “Prosperity is a basic human right. Prosperity and richness will flow into your life automatically when you are ready. No matter in what circumstance a prosperous person creates, delivers and fulfils, he/she always remembers the presence and possibilities of the infinite within each person. To such a person, prosperity is as natural as the breath, as unlimited as the mind, and as immediate as this moment.”

Yogi Bhajan relates that the flow of prosperity is relative to the balance of the three universal forces – gunas, in the mind. These three universal forces apply to three triangles and nine steps, and the tenth step is the transcendent point. Each of the ten steps has a meditation. There are also three green energy kriyas, one for each triangle.

In this course we will learn the skills of these three triangles and green energy, which clears the subconscious of emotional blocks, allows the clarity of your purpose to manifest and aligns the psyche with a natural state of prosperity. This is a deep and transformative experience. We will become connected with the infinite universal energy. Our intention and vibration create the magnetic frequency, which attracts energy of unformed events and manifests them into perfect states.



Sunder Singh Khalsa


Time and Location

Feb 1-5, 2017, Beijing

Feb 22-26, 2017, Kunming