Beyond Addiction

This course is designed for individuals seeking to overcome addictive behaviour, for health professionals who work with addiction and for certified yoga teachers who would like to teach a yoga-based addiction recovery program.

The course outlines a 16 session recovery program which includes Kundalini Yoga, breathing techniques, meditation, relaxation, self-reflection, lifestyle and dietary guidelines, stress management, hydrotherapy, naturopathic detoxification and nutritional and herbal supplementation for neurotransmitter and glandular balance.

In this workshop we will become aware of the stress and emotions that trigger our addictive patterns, and how to deal with them. In large or small ways, we have all been wounded. Recognize the triggers that provoke your hurt and the arising of your “pain body”, and learn to witness it as a construct from your past. Embrace the opportunity to release unexpressed feelings, empty your “shopping cart”, and take responsibility for the present. Cultivate a daily spiritual practice to sustain and elevate you, so you are carried for ward to your Best Future Self.


Sat Dharam Kaur

Time and Location

Dec 12-20, 2015, Beijing