Level 2 Teacher Training

Course Introduction

The KRI Level 2 Teacher Training is Transformational and requires completion of five modules for KRI International Level 2 Certification. KRI requires that the process takes a minimum of two years to complete.

The five modules are:

  1. Authentic Relationships
  2. Conscious Communication
  3. Mind & Meditation
  4. Vitality & Stress
  5. Lifecycles & Lifestyles

The modules can be taken in any order. It is recommended to leave approximately 4 – 6 months between modules to enable integration. Each Level 2 module has 48 contact hours with a certified Level 2 Trainer and approximately 12 hours of post course integration study. This includes the practice of a 90 day meditation, group conference calls, an exam and other homework assignments. A Level 2 module is a 90 day commitment.

The post course work is vital to the integration of the material and the experiences offered during the course. The transformational nature of Level 2 is in the depth of experience during the course, and in integrating the professional development skills learned, living the values embodied and participating in service within our communities.

RAMADASA ‘Special Discount’ For Teacher Training Level 2

If you register for all five modules of Level 2 Training with RAMADASA/Kundalini Yoga Asia, you will receive a 50% discount off the course fee for the fifth module. You need to complete the registration form, agreeing to take all five modules with RAMADASA/Kundalini Yoga Asia . (note: food & accommodation is paid separately for each module)

If you want to retake a Level 2 module with RAMADASA/Kundalini Yoga Asia you will only need to pay 40% of the course fee.



Sunder Singh Khalsa / Suraj Kaur Khalsa / Tonie Nooyens


Time and Location

Mind & Meditation: Dec 5-10, 2017, Taiwan
Vitality & Stress: Nov 10-15, 2017, Guangzhou,China
Conscious Communication: Jan 12-17, 2016, Israel
LifeCycles & LifeStyles: Feb 18-23, 2016, Suzhou

Authentic Relations: May 5-10, 2017, Beijing,China