Turning Point – the meditation of happiness

“We all want to be happy. We also want less stress and less suffering. This is something that is universal among all people regardless of where you are from or what age you are.” – Sunder Singh Khalsa

The diamond represents clarity and the wisdom to embrace all facets of the Self. It is the inner knowing of every sensation, emotion and thought. It is awareness prior to each moment so each moment is unique. It is merger, realization and perpetual happiness. It is when the Formless within you works, and you relax.

Mind is the totality of thoughts and to have a mind, you must be someone. The diamond awareness see that both self and mind are not things; they are processes. In the internet there are countless information that can be downloaded, in the same way we have the capacity to express from an infinite pool of potential. It all depends on which channel we tune in.

That is the Turning Point, the pivot point that allows the greatest obstacle to become a source of strength. The sense of I is the disease and also the medicine. “I am” is the gate, on one side leading to I am this or that and to all sorts of identification. On the other side it goes back to “I.” Go through that gate and the “I sense” melts into essence. From that place of stillness one can express the highest expression of your spirit.

We all have the choice to express the best in us. Why wait, there is no better time than now. Self is a verb not a noun, like the old saying “you never step into the same river twice” we are constantly in process. The beauty of that is it allows constant evolution.