Women’s Camp

Yogi Bhajan said there’s nothing more powerful than the heart of the woman. The Adi Shakti power that resides in your heart is unconditional love. It’s the power of the mother. Whether you are a mother or not, whether you have a child or not, you still hold this in your heart and you can radiate it out. At the Women’s Camp we want you to have an experience of this. The greatest gift you can give your child, the greatest strength, is for them to feel and experience the divine through you. They are not going to feel it through anybody else as a child, only through their mother. And this is the greatest gift you can give a child, to live in this divine consciousness because it’s contagious. It’s a high vibration. Everyone around you is able to feel it, and able to absorb it. You can elevate many people while elevating yourself.

This is a program for women to inspire each other and learn from each other, and bring their children so the children can feel this energy and this consciousness, and they can have a lot of fun, have fun with you and together with each other. To learn to chant mantra and express themselves physically through yoga, and be with you and also have time apart from you.



Time and Location

July 27-31, 2016, Shenyang